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11 cookbooks you should have to eat healthy (and tasty)

We review some of the best cookbooks you can find on the market to innovate between stoves, eat better, immerse yourself in gastronomies from other cultures or learn the recipes of the world’s most renowned chefs.

“The kitchen is a language through which harmony, happiness, beauty, poetry, complexity, magic, humor, provocation, culture can be expressed.” We don’t say it, says Ferrán Adriá. If you are one of those people who loses track of time chopping ingredients, sniffing spices, tasting sauces and, in short, experimenting between stoves, or you have great curiosity and concern about improving your diet to make it healthier and more respectful of the environment, A good collection of cookbooks is top quality material to invest in to get down to business.

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In this article you will find more than a dozen of the best volumes of recipes to achieve a healthier and more conscious diet, to explore other different typical gastronomies, to know what is behind the ingredients of your dishes or to improve your health, your mood, your heart or your mind -among others- using the kitchen as a tool. At the same time, it does not hurt to remember that preparing food for other people is positive to cultivate your hobbies, relax, flee from stress and improve your mental health. Take out the chef hat and read on!

11 cookbooks that can not miss on your shelf

Healthy food to live better (Lily Simpson and Rob Hobson): As a subtitle this book is defined as “the detox bible: the 150 recipes that take care of your health”. It is a true best seller that will help you to be aware of what you eat, to look for foods that improve your physical circumstances and above all, to provide wellness through the kitchen. With a careful editing, you’ll be able to access nutritionist Rob Hobson’s health guidelines and 150 delicious and flavorful recipes – all gluten-free, lactose-free and refined sugar-free by chef Lily Simpson.

1080 kitchen recipes (Simone Ortega): It appeared forty years ago as a paperback but today reinvented in a special format with original color illustrations by Pablo Sobisch. More than a thousand recipes, gastronomic plans, cooking times, vocabulary, calories and numerous culinary techniques, all with detailed yet simple explanations. Thanks to this comprehensive manual, over five million people have learned the secrets of cooking. If you could only buy one book, it probably should be this one.

Modernist Cuisine At Home (Nathan Myhrvold and Maxime Bilet): Two things are clear: you will have to drop a good pinch to get this gastronomic bible – around 100 euros – and of course, you will not regret it at all. It is an exquisite compendium of cooking techniques, ranging from the most classic homemade dishes such as pasta and chicken wings to seafood soup with pistachios and sous vide snails. The main volume, 456 pages, includes all the information a cook needs to equip and manage a modern kitchen, while all the recipes have been included in a practical 230-page additional kitchen manual with more than 400 new recipes.

The Encyclopedia of Flavors (Niki Segnit): An appetizing reference book with which you will learn in spurts. If there are still ingredients that are great for you or you don’t know the combination of certain flavors, this complete guide provides everything you should know, with 980 entries in total and 200 recipes or suggestions in the text. You’ll be able to learn from traditional combinations like pork and apple, vanilla and cherry or garlic and parsley to recent favorites like chocolate and chili, vanilla and lobster or goat cheese and radishes, as well as interesting but strange couples at first sight, like blood sausage and chocolate, lemon and veal, mushrooms and blueberries or watermelon and oysters.

Recipes with history (Enrique Berra Gómez): If, in addition to food, you have the illusion of learning little anecdotes, this work will seem like a real delight. Focused on traditional Andalusian cuisine, with its ingredients and manners, Enrique Becerra breaks a spear in favor of “non-modernity” in the most novel sense of its meaning. Inside you will find tasty and healthy recipes of a lifetime surrounded by stories, anecdotes or tales.

Gourmet vegan cuisine (Iosune Robles López and Alberto Aragón Mora): This work, written by the authors of the popular blog Danza de stove, allows you to eat fully, healthy and rich hundreds of dishes without animal products, with a gourmet touch is possible and very easy. This book will teach you how to eat vegan without giving up your favorite dishes, or their taste, learning how to make a 100% vegetable version of any recipe and providing you with the main ingredients, techniques and recipes.

The family meal (Ferrán Adriá): If you get this book, you can refresh yourself with the menu that the kitchen team at the famous El Bulli restaurant prepared every day with fresh, energizing and delicious products. When elBulli closed, Ferran Adrià, the best chef in the world, left a compilation of well-structured, easy, cheap menus with traditional roots. Far from being in a drawer forever, you can learn all its keys and recipes in this complete book.

The fucking yaya recipes: If you are a student and you are going away for the first time away from home or you have just become independent, this hilarious and simple book with a touch of sharp humor and comic-style illustrations, aims to teach you how to fry an egg, prepare a gazpacho or cook some muffins. Basic kitchen for dummies, edition.

The Silver Spoon: This book is known as “the bible of Italian cuisine”, so it will deeply interest all fans of this type of Mediterranean cuisine. Originally baptized as Il cucchiaio d’argento, it is a manual of no more and no less than 1,500 pages with 60 years of success behind it and a great wealth around the classic Italian cookbook.

Tokyo: the recipes of worship (Maori Murota): If you want to delve into a different and exquisite cuisine, try to get this manual, a walk through the secrets of Japanese cuisine that will allow you to prepare sushi, gyozas, ramen, bento at home , tonztzu and much more. In total, it includes 100 delicious recipes typical of the Japanese tradition.

Peru (Gastón Acurio): This book is a real gem, both visually and in content. Known as the definitive bible of Peruvian home cooking, it is written by the great chef Gastón Acurio. Gastón Acurio, a national celebrity with thousands of followers on networks and his own television program. Within this fantastic manual you will find up to 500 homemade recipes from the Latin American country, from quinoa to ceviche, from gluten-free amaranth to yellow chili. Unique ingredients and health among stoves with a Peruvian seal.