Exactly what it claims to be

Leslie Kilgore

5 Stars

December 31, 2017

This book is exactly what it claims to be. It doesn’t cover everything you need to know about your wedding, the different kinds of dresses that exist, budgeting, or anything like that. What it does do is give you a great overview of the different styles of weddings that exist. Classic, bohemian, romantic, and others. It talks about what defines that style, the types of venues that fit that category, the typical color palettes, what styles the bride and groom would typically wear, as well as some examples of actual weddings that use that style. And there are plenty of pictures. I would say that approximately 80% of the book is pictures and 20% is words. If even that much.Just enough to say “here’s what you’re supposed to get out of the pictures”.

It also has some great resources in the back for if you’re interested in doing anything yourself. Specific supplies, stores, and instructions for some crafts.It also makes a good point that you can’t do EVERYTHING yourself. Yes, you can pack your own favors, but you don’t want to arrange your own flowers that morning. Yes, you can have friends take over some tasks for you, but you wouldn’t want them to do something that, if messed up, can’t be recovered from. You can re-arrange flowers, but you can’t re-bake and decorate a cake.

The one thing I was concerned about is that this book is from a company, the knot. I was expecting the whole thing to be a plug for that company. But it really wasn’t. It was only mentioned twice, and it was completely appropriate and within context. I look forward to having a friend get engaged so I can give him or her this book!

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.