"In a Different Key" Book Review

Erin Allen

4 Stars

December 28, 2017

this history of autism is complete with in depth analyses of case studies, extensive background on the many forms of research in the field, and heartbreaking real life stories of those on the spectrum, their families and friends, and the doctors and scientists that studied the condition.

it is so comprehensive, that i often felt out of my element while reading it. many of the stories are told quite well, fitting in the research and science in an easy way for a layperson to understand, and to empathize with the subjects. it was not a lack of dynamic storytelling that made it take me so long to get through. it was simply my struggle with non-fiction. i was never itching to get back to it, although i found all of it fascinating.

the personal stories, especially the ones of triumph after bitter diversity were uplifting, and i was filled with a feeling of hope upon completing the book. although the book is easy to read, it can be somewhat clinical at times, and i wish it was a little more accessible to the average reader.