All the pages could be marked!

Rick Nier

5 Stars

December 26, 2017

Are there any other readers out there like me? Do you like to dog-ear pages and underline the quotes that move you? Or, if you're reading with tech, highlight and bookmark the pages that cause you to think?

There have been certain books I've read, where I have more page corners flipped over than not. Don't get me started on what I do with all those highlighted passages and underlined quotes. I'm working on a system, but it's kind of like taking sermon notes. I can always go back, plus I pay better attention when I'm intentionally listening for stuff to jot down.

If you read like me, and are a fan of Henri Nouwen, there is a book where you can leave all the pages pristine, because every page is like a highlighted quote. Gabrielle Earnshaw has compiled and edited quotes from all of Nouwen's classics, giving us You Are The Beloved; Daily Meditations for Spiritual Living.
In the introduction she notes, "Henri had a lifelong struggle with loneliness and anxiety." Ultimately, his personal struggles led to his singular writing focus, one in which the reader understood that God loved him before and without any personal effort.

So far I have read about a month of daily readings. I use them to begin my day with a proper focus, often sharing the quotes with my family, to share the wealth of love in Henri's writings.

I received this book from my good friends at Blogging for Books. They don't tell me I have to say nice things, but the good books they offer make that easy to do. If you'd like to read more information about this book, Henri, or grab a copy for yourself, use the links below.