Meet the World's Most Charming Con Man

Craig Friedel

4.5 Stars

December 7, 2017

Back in the 70’s the FBI was designed to track down bank robbers, infiltrate criminal organizations and other illegal efforts.  The issue in the 70’s is the white-collar crime was new and they have little to go on or how to track or even convict people who were doing these types of fraud.  This type of crime was done with pen and paper not a gun and a mask.  Convictions were few because of the limited evidence that was collected and presented in court.  This book brings you into the experience of two the FBI agents that try to win over, gather evidence and work to convince the one of the worlds smartest con men.  You need to realize this is before personal computers, the internet does not exist, and the FBI’s red tape and limitation are at their worst.  Through all the struggles, entering in situation the bureau has never been trained for and the stress of being away from family creates an interesting story.  The creativity from a con man’s stand point is unbelievable how and what he came up with to con others out of large amounts of money.  How the bureau had to adjust and adapt to this type of a crime it’s like reading two books at once.  Great factual story presented from both the con man’s point of view and the FBI’s.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.