Ashley LaMar

4 Stars

November 30, 2017

Anyone else completely addicted to sweet potatoes? They are one of our favorite foods and I cook them at least twice a week in tacos, burgers, soups, etc. I’m always looking for new ways to serve them so when I was browsing Blogging for Books a few weeks ago and spotted Sweet Potatoes: Roasted, Loaded, Fried, and Made Into Pies by Mary-Frances Heck I immediately requested it. I knew I was going to make my sweet potato casserole for Thanksgiving but I was also hoping to find at least a couple new recipes to make for the holidays. Instead, the book contains 60+ ways to  cook sweet potatoes and I intend to make every single one of them.

What I love about the recipes in this book is that it offers unique flavor combinations featuring sweet potatoes. There are recipes using chiles, coconut milk, chocolate, and other bold flavors that really bring new life to the dishes you create. Since we already eat a lot of sweet potatoes I was concerned that a cookbook dedicated completely to sweet potatoes wouldn’t have a lot to offer me but I was pleasantly surprised by the variety in the book. 

Mary-Frances Heck features recipes for appetizers, burgers, soups, and so much more. There are even recipes for desserts like a sweet potato ice cream I’m dying to make once it warms up again. 

In addition to the recipes, Heck shares an introduction to sweet potatoes, a description of each variety, and tips for working with the veggie. Sweet potatoes are one of the crops we plan on focusing on when we plan and plant our 2018 garden so this book is going to be getting a lot of use. To see more recipes or take a peek inside the book, check it out here.