Phenomenal Book!

Elisa Apanda

5 Stars

November 9, 2017

This book helped change the way I saw academics, and changed my grades for the better.

As a second-year student who read this going into freshman year, this book has become a manual for me. It's the first and only college advice book I read as I started college.

Knowing the book was written by two experienced professors and researchers who've spoken and taught hundreds of students made me feel confident that the advice in this book was legit, and "in the know" advice only professors would have. I enjoyed reading it, as it really felt like I was having a conversation with the authors. It in no way felt like I was being "talked at". So grateful that Jesus sent this book--out of all the college preparedness books out there--for me. 

In my two years of college, I have made Dean's List every semester, partly due to the advice on how to study found in this book. I keep it permanently on my bookshelf as a reference in case I need a little refresher on how to handle a course. This book has a chapter for every course you'll take--and study tips that work just for that course. I continue to use it as I advance in my undergraduate career, and more than once I have lent this to friends in need of new study skills.

Trust me, this is the only one you'll need and actually want to read.