Building Up Piece by Piece

Louis Zinc II

5 Stars

November 3, 2017

Paul Jr. was once in the great spotlight of reality TV, but the drama took a hard turn that caused pain for him, his family & his viewers. Now that the TV show is water under the bridge, Paul Jr. wanted to shed some light on what viewers speculated on. 

What will you find in this story is that Paul Jr's family & Career came to a fork in the road and the path he took was not easy, but necessary for him to rediscover himself, his calling and his faith. 

The path he chose is highlighted in this book and lets readers know that their own personal journeys can be exciting despite not being easy. God is at work, even when we cannot see the pieces being moved. 

Often people say, "The book is much better than the movie..." I will say that this book is better then the TV show. Blessings to the Teutel family & company in the days ahead.