southern spirits : robert f. moss

Katrina Simeck

3.5 Stars

October 25, 2017

A super over-due look at a book about...drinking! Drinking in the South, to be specific. Southern Spirits is a detailed look at the history of drinking in the South...

What I loved: This book contains 40 recipes for classic (and a few unexpected) cocktails. all tied to chapters of the book. I spied this book on the back counter of a favorite local distiller, which automatically gave it (the book) a lot of street cred. I enjoyed that the book did a lot of myth-busting, and didn't rely on the common stereotypes of the South. 

What I left: so.much.detail. History buffs will love this book. I felt like I needed to try the cocktails simply to power through the detail. Kudos to the author for being thorough! 

Available on Amazon here: Southern Spirits

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