"Whisper" - Another great book from Mark Batterson

Eric Prophet

4.5 Stars

September 8, 2017

This book had me at the introduction.  Batterson has such a great way of taking practical concepts that we deal with every day and connecting them in a unique way to the Gospel.  Many things you don't think about suddenly come to the forefront and you have many "aha!" moments while you read his books.  Whisper is one such book.  Many of us struggle deeply with hearing God speak to us.  We think that because we don't hear His audible voice that God must not be speaking.  This is so not true!  If you have any interest in the least about how to hear God speaking into your life, look no further than this book.  Mark holds your attention and keeps you interested all the way along.  At times, his science-focused topics can be a little overwhelming and hard to grasp, but it's easy to stick with where he's going and what point he's trying to make.  Check this book out.  I highly recommend it!