The Sunlight Pilgrims

Melissa Cody

4.5 Stars

August 30, 2017

This book is fantastic, but it needs to come with a warning: the ending is uncertain, in the style of "The Giver" or "The Lady and the Tiger", or even "The Little Prince". If you're uncomfortable with uncertainty, you'll find the ending incredibly unsatisfying. I, however, love uncertainty in books, and I loved this. At times Jenni Fagan seems more like she's writing poetry than a novel, and magical realism is dotted throughout the book in counterpoint to the distinctly scientific (and sometimes slightly preachy) feel of the periodic weather updates. The characters might be a bit too precious, or precocious, at times, but the emotional journeys both protagonists are on allow the reader to connect with them while chalking any sort of unrealistic characterizations up to the aforementioned magical realism. Absolutely read this if you are a fan of authors like Isabel Allende or Haruki Murakami.