The Food (and Culture) of Appalachia

Walt Bristow

4 Stars

August 17, 2017

If you've never been to the Appalachians, if you've never tasted the food of the mountains, never sat on the front porch of a home in any of the many small towns or never made friends with the people who make up the good folks who call these mountains home, this book is for you. 

Is it a cookbook? Or a travel book? Or is it, perhaps, sociology of the most interesting kind? History? Yes! It is all.

Ronni Lundy provides a series of essays -- and recipes -- that introduces you to stories and flavors of what some call the 'Mountain South' but that the rest of us simply call 'the mountains' or 'the hills.'

You'll enjoy it for what it is -- a most interesting peek into a true American culture with its very unique (and delicious) food.