The Life-Changing Manga Of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

Melissa Martin

4 Stars

August 14, 2017

This book was sooooooooooooo cute =)

And I did actually learn some tidbits of information about getting rid of stuff. I have been getting rid of stuff for some time now but it never seems to make a difference. And I have recently started getting rid of books I'm not going to read again so it's making more room!

Chiaki is the girl in this book and boy is she a hoarder! But I thought Chiaki and Marie had a good time tidying up and setting priorities. I actually have a few more things I want to add to my big giveaway pile after reading this little book. I love giving stuff away, it's so refreshing to get things out and know that someone will actually use it =) I don't think I would have paid much attention to the real book (I think there is a real book format) as much as I did with this little manga. It was just too cute and I loved the pictures.

There just happens to be a cute boy next door that she can invite over after she tidy's up! ♥

He got to see her house by accident before it was clean and he freaked. I mean, I would too. It was super impressive when it was clean though.

Either way, I loved this book being in manga form. I really enjoyed it.

*Thank you to BloggingForBooks for a print copy of this book.*