The Divorce Papers

Alicia Moree

1.5 Stars

August 10, 2017

Mia isn't taking her husband's cheating lightly. She intends to strike revenge. However, the attorney she hires doesn't usually handle divorces. First problem: Considering that Mia never does anything wrong, why would she not hire a lawyer who knows how to handle a divorce? Second problem: All of the tediousness of explaining things in the emails/notes/letters. What lawyer has time to write all of that? Why don't these people use a telephone? Third problem: Mia is perfect in every way. Fourth problem: Mia is perfect in every way. (Yes, I meant to write that twice.) Fifth problem: How often do you have to mention how much money you have?

Put all of these problems together in a series of notes, emails, and letters and you end up with a book full of characters I could not relate to and really did not want to. For me, this book was a miss.