Austin, Texas BABY!

Megan Julian

4 Stars

August 8, 2017

After reading this, I'm going to Austin! Lodge wrote a beautiful story of the bond of sisterly love, moving out of your comfort zone brings hope, and that love ALWAYS prevails. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. It was a fun twist and the classic tale of Sense and Sensibility by our very own Jane Austen. The book not only moves rather quickly, but you also want to enjoy it. I took longer on this book because I enjoyed the writing and felt compelled to read every line. Lodge inserts little recipes within chapters, just that touch makes the book so unique and fun. I recommend this book a 6 out of 10. It was a great book, I loved the plot, but it seemed rushed at the end and I wish I could've enjoyed the latest in the sister's lives a little more, and that I got to read more about Jane and Callum. Very good book for laying out, relaxing, in bed before getting shut eye. I would also prefer a cup of coffee or shall, we say, tea this time ;) with the book. 

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