A Great Refresher with some New Perspective

Taylor Lien

4 Stars

August 8, 2017

Never Settle for Normal was a great different perspective on Christianity and the culture that surrounds it. Parnell does a great job meeting everyone on the ground level of Christianity and throughout the book used the basic tenents of the Christian faith to illustrate his points. Where the book fell flat, and even admits to it's fault is the fact that Parnell offers nothing to change your behavior for those who have a background in Christianity. Parnell does point you towards other resources, but it feels like a lost opportunity to not address some basic techniques or behaviors that would fit into the things that he's discussed for the entire book. Overall, short and enjoyable, and really made me think about why Christianity believes what it does, and how that fits into our lives. Yet, the ways in which to apply these ideas is lacking in this text.