Designing the Life You Love: A Step by Step Guide to Building a Meaningful Future Book Review

Sarah Moore

2 Stars

July 31, 2017

I recently received a copy of Design the Life You Love by Ayse Birsel to read and review. A quick skim of the book had me hopeful and expectant due to the journalistic layout and illustration prompts throughout the pages. Then I sat down to read it.

 I honestly can say that I was disappointed as I read. While the material was good I just didn't find it relatable to me or my life.There were also way too many prompts. Each page had a new one for you to stop and journal in which is great if you are the journaling type of person. I was hoping for more of a book that I could read through. This wasn't it.

 Overall I can't say the book is horrible. The drawings were good and depending on the person it would be a great way to journal your way to discovering yourself and building a better life that you love.