Tugged at My Heartstrings

Pamela Morrisson

5 Stars

June 8, 2017

“Peace in the Valley” is one of those books that really tugged at my heartstrings. I found myself tearing up over and over but not for sad reasons. I was so touched by the relationship that developed between Trey and Lucy’s children and the love and trust they had for him.

Trey Stafford is the kind of man most women dream about but not for the obvious reasons. Trey is a man who has known tremendous success and has been living his dream. He is also a man who has known tragedy from a very young age when he lost both parents and has also lost his wife – all to drugs. Through it all he has maintained his integrity and faith and is dedicated to doing the right thing.

Lucy Carlton is a woman who has known nothing but hardship. She left her childhood home with a self-centered father and entered a marriage to a man who turned out much like her father. Now a widow with three children, Lucy is barely making ends meet but believes that hard work might just take care of her beloved children. A close call places her in the position of having to accept help from Trey and the much despised Sam Stafford. Frequent contact with Trey and his family begins to change Lucy’s opinion of them and puts her heart at risk.

I have very much enjoyed each and every one of the books in this series but “Peace in the Valley” is one that will remain in my memory for awhile. A beautiful story of faith, trust, love, and emotional healing, this book is one I will want to read again. Please do yourself a favor and pick up a copy soon. It is now available in stores where mass market novels are sold as well as the usual online vendors and the price is right.