Book Review - New Boy by Tracy Chevalier

Nick Soto

4.5 Stars

May 10, 2017

A modern day re-imagination of Othello, takes us behind the fragile lives of 11 year olds - Osei, Dee, Mimi and Ian. Osei Kokote arrives to his new school. He searches for a kindred soul and finds it in Dee, who happens to be the most popular girl in school. However, as the friendship grows it stained by the envy of another. Ian will stop at nothing to make Osei feel ostracized. How will Osei and Dee deal with the bullying?

I found the novel to be enjoyable and felt it was very creative way to transpose a classic novel into modern life. The aspects of bullying, jealousy, racism, and betrayal feels relevant for audiences of all ages. A great read for anyone who loves the classic!