Shazam! I loved Chazown!

Donna Surgenor

5 Stars

April 11, 2017

I am crazy about Craig Groeschel's book Chazown: Discover and Pursue God's Purpose for Your Life. I wasn't impressed with the cover (plain and uncompelling) so I ignored this as a choice for reviewing for awhile, but I finally gave in and boy, am I glad I did!

Groeschel, the founding pastor of LifeChurch, is also the author of The Christian Atheist, Weird, and #Struggles, but this is the only one of his books I've read SO FAR. (I'll be checking the others out soon!) The father of six children with wife Amy, Groeschel says his primary passion is for leading people to Jesus, and with this book, he's got a good chance of fulfilling that passion.

What is "Chazown" anyway? I admit I was clueless before reading this book. Let me make it easier for you:

Chazown is the "Hebrew word for the dream, revelation, or vision God was thinking about when He made you." Groeschel begins his book by talking about the end game: who and what will you be at the end of your days? What will your epitaph say about you, or not say about you? Sobering but in a good way, like a splash of ice cold water on a sultry day, focusing on your own particular end is bracing. It gives you a quick kick, and a slow burn all at once. You get to stop majoring on minors and take five, ten, thirty...however many...minutes you need to figure out what you're gonna leave behind. A legacy? A scandal? Will your life shine or sputter to an embarrassing halt?

Using concrete tools like the "Anger-Bliss Factor" (what makes you angry? what brings you bliss?), Groeschel offers hard hitting, bite-sized chapters that are short enough to keep from boring you...yet powerful enough to keep you turning pages. I'm not going to give away the book entirely because I want you to read it. Get it. Go get it today. It's worth it, I promise. Because, by the time you read the last page, you're gonna be a different person. A stronger person.  A person with more personal integrity for having figured out what YOUR Chazown is. A person who will live the rest of your life deliberately. With passion. With purpose. With power.

This book will NOT disappoint. In fact, I'm getting ready to read it again. And, when my bank account is sufficiently flush, I'm gonna buy copies for a bunch of my friends. Because I want them to find their Chazown too. And because when you know what your purpose is, you want to live it, and mine is to point people right to Jesus.

Like this book did for me.

(I received this book for the purposes of reviewing it for Blogging for Books, but the opinions therein are mine.)