Linda Canniff

3.5 Stars

March 24, 2017

I was intrigued by this cookbook because it is filled with small bites recipes. When I entertain friends I prefer to set up a buffet with with simple finger foods and that is what this book was said to deliver. There was also a pantry stocking section featuring items to have on hand for impromptu gatherings, a section on goodies for guests to take home with them, and simple tablescape ideas. I thought these additions to the main fare were very nice. All of the recipes in this book happen to be vegetarian, too!

Most of the recipe titles were too long to include and/or were strange food names with strange spellings that I kept forgetting between reading the book and typing here. And what does that tell you? Yes, most of these recipes were not "simple" and many of the ingredients were not only items one wouldn't readily have on hand, but also might be pricey, or difficult to find.

Another minus about this book was the photography. The pictures ranged from nice to okay. They were missing that professional edge. They reminded me of okay Bookstagram photos. What I found interesting after perusing the author's blog, LEELA * CYD, is that her post photos are better quality than most of the pictures in the book.
I rated this book three stars on Goodreads and Amazon, but on my blog it was 3.5 stars.