The Kindness Challenge

Kristy Jensen

4.5 Stars

March 14, 2017

Being kind can go a long way in any relationship. The Bible talks a lot about kindness and even calls it one of the fruits of the spirit. Shaunti Feldhahn's newest book, The Kindness Challenge, gives you the tools needed to be kinder to even the most difficult person in your life. It is a thirty day challenge that takes you a journey to transform the world through kindness.

 Feldhahn calls kindness a "superpower". She says it can change any relationship and make your life less complicated and a lot healthier. She takes you step-by-step on how to be kind to others and gives plenty of examples of ways to show kindness to anyone.

The author starts by telling you why kindness matters and why it's important to every relationship. Kindness does make a difference and people see whether or not you are kind by the way you interact with others and the words you use. Even a little kindness makes a huge difference.

The next step is to put your newfound kindness to action. Thirty days to a "Kinder You". That's it. Just thirty short days of being kind to others through words, actions, and deeds. The author helps you by listing things that you should do or get rid of during this time of kindness. There are many negative things that we say and do on a regular basis that seem so small but have a big impact. She gives examples of these and how to have better habits of kindness.

Then comes the actual act of being kind to others. She has you choose a person: your husband, wife, friend, co-worker. This person is the focus of your kindness challenge for the next thirty days. She has a guideline for each of the days on what to do that is kind or what to avoid that may be unkind. She coaches you through this journey of being kinder to others.

This book is written through a Christian perspective so God is sprinkled throughout the pages. His kindness to us is truly amazing and unforgettable. His example is how we should be living every day. No matter if you have difficult relationships with everyone around you, YOU can be the change toward a better bond and connection.

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