Makes me want to travel...

Helen Gentz

4 Stars

March 11, 2017

Roger W. Thompson's "We Stood Upon Stars" is an adventure-filled book that awakened my desire to travel and see God in "lost places" of the West!  As someone who grew up in California and relocated to the Midwest from the Pacific Northwest, I found this book to be so earthy and purposeful.  Thompson guides us through different "lost places" in the west, as he travels with his wife, kids, and/or friends, and encounters God, the Creator, in the most beautiful and unexpected ways.  He reminisces throughout stories upon stories of his childhood, the generations past, and how God has brought himself and his children to the places where he is now finding themselves.  It is a fun and intriguing way of seeing very beautiful parts of the country.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves to travel, wants to travel, or like me, who used to travel and now wishes she could travel more!  An inspiring book for someone like me, and encourages me to see God and experience His presence and guidance through the big and small moments and turns of life.  Thank you, Blogging for Books for this complimentary copy!