Learning to Delight in God's Good Gifts Daily

Amy Langmaack

4.5 Stars

December 31, 2016

I recently was introduced to Trillia Newbell.  I heard her speak on a few podcasts and when I heard about her new book, I was excited to check it out.  Her new book, Enjoy: Finding the Freedom to Delight Daily in God's Good Gifts, is an exploration of what it's like to actually live life enjoying the things that God has given us.

One thing I learned about myself in 2016 was the fact that I tend to let myself believe that "I will be happy when..." Learning this has allowed me to see that I need to work harder to replace those lies with truth.  I need to be able to enjoy life as it is now. To embrace where I currently am and dig deep.  With God, with family, friends, and experiences.

Learning to Delight in God's Good Gifts Daily

In Enjoy, Newbell shares 11 different areas of your life in which God has given you good gifts.  We've been gifted so many things - each other, intimacy, work, rest, money and so much more. But more than a book, Enjoy is a journey into what it looks like to actively enjoy all of these areas.  She invites us into The Enjoy Project, a journey that examines seven different ways to begin to embrace the gifts that are discussed.

I found myself compelled towards this project.  And while I haven't undertaken it yet, I plan on doing it soon. I want to dig deep into the questions that Newbell asks and learn to truly enjoy the life I've been given.

Enjoying your life brings freedom. What I found in this book was someone who truly had found freedom in taking delight in what God had given. When we focus on gratefulness, and we focus on the good rather than the bad, we no longer falter in disappointment. Life finds fulfillment when you shed the dread. 

That's what I want this year to be about.