Starting Over Without Regrets

Mardene Carr

4 Stars

November 14, 2016


There is that awful word that causes many to want to knock their heads against the wall and give up at times.

Many persons feel like they cannot bounce back from making what they perceive to be a wrong turn.  There is good news though, as difficult as that is, it is not impossible according to Dave and Jon Ferguson.

Regret is a universal emotion.  We all make wrong or foolish choices or else something or someone does something hurtful to is, and we regret it

Dave and Jon Ferguson has written Starting Over to help those who are struggling with regrets. They provide hope for those who have ruined relationships, lost jobs or failed when given golden opportunities.

Starting Over show persons “how to recognize specific regrets and release them to God as we learn to see our regrets as opportunities to start over”

God is able to take what we consider to be the worst things in our lives and use them for something way greater.  According to the authors, and I totally agree, it is never too late to start over. The important thing is to learn from that mistake and keep going.

I would definitely recommend this book to Christians and Non-Christians because making bad choices, does not pick sides.  We all have been there, regardless of the side you are on. If you are, then this is a book that might help you find some perspective.