Potato Chip Crusted 7 Layer Magic Bars

abbe odenwalder

4.5 Stars

November 1, 2016

Halloween has arrived and I'm trying quickly to make sure this posts. As you can see my candy corns dutifully melted and yes, I do believe the rumours are correct that they contain a waxy substance. In any case, I do admit to being a fond lover of candy corn, waxy or not. And yes, this recipe can easily be made without it and probably would be better off!

As part of Blogging for Books, I received the book, " Modern Potluck" by Kristin Donnelly. It is an array of fun, more hip versions of food designed for modern potlucks. Unlike recipes of my era that often contained ingredients from cans and other processed goods, this is a book for my kid's generation and yes mine too, and yes again, we will all probably be better off for it. In fact, Kristin would probably cringe in horror at my addition of candy corn to her layer bars. Well, it is Halloween so I guess cringing is in order!

These layer bars, compared to the original version, are less sweet, which is what the author intended. I'll let you be the judge when you make them to see which you prefer. Her addition of a potato chip crust and smoked almonds, plus coconut chips rather than sweetened shreds, certainly turns these into a more adult version of 7 layer bars, though I am sure  no kid would turn up their nose at these. What a creative use of ingredients she has put together!

Lest you think you won't find recipes for things like three bean salads and potato salads, well guess again! There are potato salads for each season and the bean salad contains a wide array of fresh and dried beans, plus fresh herbs and such. Potlucks can be so challenging these days with having to worry about dietary challenges and pressures to make stand out dishes due to Instagram, and even issues like sustainability deserve thought. Kristin wrote this book with those things in mind. This book filled with fool-proof modern recipes and gorgeous photos would be a great addition to any one's cookbook library.