A Journal Compendium That Captures Your Quirks

Erendira Ramirez-Ortega

4.5 Stars

September 13, 2016

This journal book is all about filling in the blanks. The mind is triggered to think of such curiosities as a favorite thing to do at the park, the type of underwater animal you’d like to be, the code name you’d use if you were a secret spy.

This book is saturated with inquiring about the every day moments of life. These questions here are not those you would find answered on a social profile. Rather, these inquiries consist of a range of interests, from the minutiae (number of steps from your bed) to the deep thinking (awards you would give out).

One could venture to say that this journal would make a wonderful gift for the young at heart. For instance, a guy desiring to get to know his beloved better can fill in the blanks and hand it over as a way of introduction. Better yet, if he is the chivalrous type, he may be brave enough to hand the girl this book and ask her to fill in the blanks. What a novel idea!

Each page features a colorful illustration and there is plenty of room for doodling, writing, and sketching a profound answer to the many interesting areas found here. As with any children’s subject, this journal offers much creativity in the sincerest form of inquiry, one that encapsulates the quirkiness of an individual, yet the quotidian as well. It answers the questions: who are you now and who do you want to be?

Like all journal books, this one may be of special interest to home school families, as it can be finished over a year, culminating the school year with the delights of a smile and a sweet savor.