New Go To

Aimee Lambert

5 Stars

August 22, 2016

First, let me say I own way too many cookbooks. Second, let me say this one is probably going to become my new go to. I love the layout; it's a cookbook that is actually broken down into sections real people will use when planning a potluck-Snack, Dips and Drinks, Main Course Salads, 9x13 Casseroles, etc. 

The casserole section might be my favorite. No more staring at an empty dish that I need to figure out what to put in for a friend. Now, there are options like pork stuffed collards and Moroccan inspired shepherd's pie. Also there are two recipes that I have now made so many times I can make them without cracking the book -- this doesn't usually happen for years -- whipped ricotta with tomatoes and a grilled corn salad with radishes.  
I only have one grip with the book, and now that I have cooked about a dozen recipes I know how to fix it. Donnelly never gives seasoning amounts. She leaves it to the cook to figure out. Salt and pepper to taste. That said, the recipes are great. The pictures are beautiful. It really is a great book for anyone interested in cooking for others.