Apartment Therapy Complete and Happy Home Review

Megan Heinen

5 Stars

August 25, 2015

Let me begin by saying, I love this book! It's everything that I was expecting it to be (and I can be a tad on the picky side of things) and then some. This book is so fresh, so modern, so fun for a home decor/design book. I can honestly say I do not have a single complaint about it at all.

Something that I especially loved about this book is that it wasn't just your typical home decor book, in the way that it shows you a splattering of homes with occasional descriptions of inspiration. While I would say about 70 percent of this book was a look inside people's homes, the book did an excellent job of breaking up that obnoxious feeling, and laying them out in a practical way. It does this by organizing the homes by room, so there's features on kitchens, living rooms, entryways, kid's bedrooms, etc., all by themselves. Each of the rooms has a "name" based on it's style, and there are paragraphs to describe how they achieved the look, why it's practical, and so on, which I really appreciated. 

The part of the book that I especially thought was a neat feature was the first part, which takes you through what to think about when buying a home, as it had description of the common home styles (think colonial, tudor, bungalow), which is great for people who may not have this knowledge, only an image in their head and no way to describe the look they want. It also talks about having the right flow in the home, how colors affect a room, different kinds of flooring out there, and so much more. I really was not expecting all of this to be part of the book, so it took me by nice surprise!

There are so many unique and interesting home ideas displayed in this book, and I feel like the author's allowed for a nice variety and mix. I'm sure that anybody could get wonderful ideas and inspiration for their own home through this book, whether they chose the book because they are specifically looking to remodel a home, or just want to add a couple fresh new touches to their current one. I already know a couple things from this book that I want to incorporate into my home! 

"I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for an honest review."