Donna's BookShelf

Donna Mynatt

4.5 Stars

August 18, 2015

This wonderful series by Kim Vogel Sawyer has certainly earned a place on my bookshelf.

This is not the first story I have read about old-order Mennonites… I have read several books about similar communities and enjoyed them nearly as much as I enjoy reading about my beloved Amish communities.

This series has been a surprise for me — nothing like either of the novels I’ve read about old-order Mennonite communities but a wonderful story nonetheless. This is not an easy series to read — but I highly recommend it. Just because the stories deal with serious issues, does not mean they should be passed by.

Kim Vogel Sawyer writes a powerful story. The strength of emotion is so strong, the characters are so real and the issues they deal with are so easily believable â€” perhaps even familiar to some of us.

My daughter turned me on to this series after she read the first book and I feel so blessed to be able to read them too.

You will not want to put this book down until you reach the end. And you will find yourself wishing time would pass quickly so you can read the next one.