Deadly Ties To a Forgotten Past!

Marianne Cadwell

4 Stars

March 8, 2011

Overview: (from back cover) "HER ENEMY WILL STOP AT NOTHING FOR CONTROL… SHE WILL RISK EVERYTHING FOR FREEDOM. A horrific crime shatters Lisa Harper’s idyllic childhood. Her father is dead and her desperate mother, Annie, quickly marries Dutch Hauk, an abusive monster who soon reveals his hatred for Lisa. To protect her, Annie defies her ruthless husband and forfeits custody to a trusted friend. Enraged, Dutch vows to keep Annie and Lisa apart—and he does. Years later, though keenly aware of Dutch’s evil intent, Lisa and her mother seize a chance to be a family, safe in a home where love dwells. But they fail to fathom how far Dutch will go to keep his vow. Determined to control his women, Dutch proves resourceful. His associates in crime are feared at the highest levels across the globe—and for Lisa they plan a fate worse than death. Yet she too has formidable connections, including former Special Operations Officer Mark Taylor. Burdened by his own traumatic past, Mark has loved Lisa from afar. Now, for Lisa and her mother to survive, Mark must risk his life—and even more difficult for him, he must trust God. All as one question haunts them: Can Mark and Lisa untangle these deadly ties before it’s too late?"

My Review: This book is the second installment from the series by Vicki Hinze called “Crossroads Crisis Center”! Book one “Forget Me Not” sets the stage for book two “Deadly Ties”. Had I known before choosing this book that it was second in this series, I think that I would of choose to read book one first. That being said, I found myself a little confused until about page 100 of the book! However, I began to put the pieces together and the story line began to fall into place.

In book one, “Forget Me Not”, Lisa is a seven year old child who is abducted! The memories of her abduction were so horrific that she has blocked out what really happened to her. Now in book two we fast forward twelve years later! Lisa has always believed that her Father was killed when he fell of a roof while in Haiti. As the story unfolds Lisa memories will return and she will discover what really happened to her Father. She will also discover who her step father really is and how he is involved! Lisa will discover what part her step father played in her past and now in her future. Lisa understands Dutch is evil but she has no idea how evil he really is or what he is capable of.

Lisa, now a doctor, is surrounded by people at the Crossroads Crisis Center who love her and cherish her. They will do anything to protect her from the evil that once invaded her life. Annie, Lisa’s mother, out of desperation and fear of being homeless and without food, marries Dutch, when Lisa is a child! Dutch is involved a dark world of corruption and deception! He will stop at nothing to get what he wants even if it means killing someone. To protect her daughter, from her abusive step father, Annie gives her rights over to another couple to raise her daughter Lisa. Annie, A Christian woman, will not get a Divorce and so she stays with her 2nd husband Dutch even though he is abusive and controls her every move.

As the story progresses you will find yourself curious as to what is going to happen next. You’ll get a glimpse into the world of human trafficking. But because this book is a Christian book the writer gives you only enough details but spares you from having to read the really disturbing stuff.

I like what I read and I can only conclude had I read the first book of the series I would have been better prepared to understand the second book. I will say that I felt the story moving and compelling and I felt real emotions being stirred up inside of me to see how each character would trust God with their lives.

I was glad to see that the writer just didn’t attach the word “faith” and “God” to her novel, but she truly allowed her characters to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ! I also like the fact that she showed her characters to have strengths and weaknesses so that we could relate to each individual with real emotion.

If you’re looking for a fast moving suspense novel with a good story line, then I would recommend “Deadly Ties”! However I think it will be to the reader’s benefit to read book one first.