SECRET Revealed

Sara Strand

3 Stars

December 27, 2014

I will agree, the erotic scenes in the book are amazing, and on par with the other two. I can't say they are lacking at all. I think what gets to me the most is Will being all judgmental and pretty freaking rude, and Cassie being kind of a moron. Which to be fair, wasn't a huge part of the book because it was mostly focused on the newest member, Solange,  and her journey. The downside to that is that Solange is kind of boring. I didn't root for her like I wanted to because I kind of didn't care. I almost felt... burnt out by this book. I mean, it almost felt like this series could have stopped after book two and that we're really forcing a trilogy out of it. 
But let's talk about Cassie and Jesse because that was bad all over. What the eff is wrong with Cassie? Seriously? You can't have Will, so instead of trying to work it out with him, you're going to do EXACTLY what he accused you of, and run to Jesse? You are an idiot. And I feel like Cassie is a little too empowered and in a way it kind of reminded me that maybe too much of a good thing isn't always good. So I really ended this trilogy not really liking Cassie and I hate that because I rooted so hard for her in book one and got so excited for her in book two, and I'm left feeling like she's a hot mess. 
Overall? I think I can really only give it 3 stars- it was just OK. It wasn't great and honestly I would tell people to skip this book all together because it almost felt like a waste of time.