The Diabetes Solution

ami doehring

4.5 Stars

December 9, 2014

This is a really good book on the topic. I have read two other books on diabetes and this is the simplest and clearest. If you want to know what's ailing you, this is it. I have seen Dr. Rodriquez on TV a couple of times on The Doctors and he impresses me with his knowledge and desire to help the average person understand his body. The Diabetes Solution is his comprehensive and easily understandable review of everything that is currently known about this plague in layman terms. It is complemented by a great chapter on nutrition and a number of super recipes (at least the three I've tried). Dr. Wyler can make a diabetic diet really tasty (well, as good as it can be and believe me, recently, I've been experimenting in the kitchen). This is a great educational and reference book for diabetics especially those who are pre or new to the disease. A quick read but one you'll want to reread several times until it sticks. Written so it will stick.