Creepy clean up!

Jessica Hall

3.5 Stars

October 27, 2014

I finished this literary offering with two overwhelming feelings - one of sadness that Marie Kondo had such a lonely childhood; the other, a renewed energy to pursue more order in my own home. Although the words sustained a bit of choppiness no doubt as residue from the translation, I found it altogether eloquent and soul-stirring and could feel the author’s passion leaping from the pages. She did tend to repeat herself a lot and her connection with her temporal things was eerie to me. In my mind, someone speaking to inanimate objects daily generally means they need to get out a little more. But putting all those things aside, every few pages I was struck with a sentence or phrase I had to read again and just let the clarity of its profound character sink into my being. 
One of the points she stresses is that, if done correctly and rapidly, cleaning and organizing your home can be done once and never worried about again because your state of mind will be renewed. I did giggle at her naïveté a few times and thought, “This woman obviously does not have any children or a husband!” Because no matter the state of my mind, or the brilliance of my aura… my family can literally go behind me, absolutely destroying everything I have worked so hard to tidy! She doesn’t seem to include insights for this stage of life. But there are many helpful hints, encouraging success stories, breakthrough organizational secrets and motivational spurs to give you that kickstart needed if your home, like mine, could use a little rejuvenation. 
So read it for the positive things you can glean from this savvy tidying maven and try not to linger too long on the religious aspects or creepy object personification! I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review. (Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me, kind book.). ;)