Not what I expected

Angela Cramer

4 Stars

October 9, 2014

This is my first endeavor with Blogging for Books/Random House and I must say that the process itself was easy. 

Secret Revealed, the third and final installment of a trilogy wasn't exactly what I was expecting and I worried that I would be at a great loss since I had not read the two previous books.However, It was an unnecessary concern. The SECRET group is the female equivalent of The Club for men and I for one think it's about time.

Inasmuch as I say that it's time for tit for tat, I didn't feel as if the sex scenes reflected that sentiment. Edgy yes, but the same raw explicitness of male dominated clubs, no. What I did see was the emotional entanglements most women share. Now saying that this wasn't played out as expected, I refer to several scenes were very see through and what the author was going to do with the characters was easy to determine. Other scenes gave me a surprise so that I wanted/needed to find out what happened next.

For the first book I've read from this author, I took a middle of the road stance. I would like to read more not only from this author, but for Blogging For Books/Random House.