Great trilogy - Secret Revealed delivers!

Angela Walker

5 Stars

July 12, 2014

This book was better than the second in this series. Solange is a 40 year old successful business woman with exciting fantasies and progressive growth. She has different issues without the same insecurities Dauphine from book two and Cassie had. I feel like the author continued Cassie's story line to completion without sacrificing all of the empowerment that began the series. The characters remained relatable. Cassie, the main character from this trilogy continued to develop throughout the series. This story reminds us that empowerment is a process and its good to help one another. I liked that Cassie established real connections within the Secret Organization; with recruits, committee members, and the men. There were both romantic and friendship relationships mixed in with common fantasies brought to life. I felt like I was learning right along with the characters. The effects of slut shaming was also very well written. It is so damaging to women and people can be really cruel. The author did a great job handling these topics and giving this series a happy ending for all involved.