Dealing with the tension of work and family

Grant Buchholtz

3.5 Stars

October 31, 2012

As a missionary with a young daughter, this is all too real an issue for us. Is our top priority mainly about our outreach and ministry? Is time at the park or changing diapers a distraction from our calling to serve there? Stanley reminds us that we only have so much time in a day, but that our family deserves a high priority. While originally titled, Choosing to Cheat, the new title speaks plainly about the issue. His "cheating" title conveyed the reality that it may feel like somebody is going to lose out on our time and best energy. We should not be ashamed to ease up on productive time for the sake of family time. While his advice may be somewhat naive at times, especially in certain cultures and work environments, he is on point that we are to follow through on the priorities in our life and make time for them. He gives some great advice on how to do this. For us in Japan, where men typically work into late evenings and sometimes even weekends, it is a hard message and one that may not be too pragmatic for the average office worker. Yet, my fortune as a missionary affords us some flexibility in our schedule, which is devoted to family and raising children who we hope won't be neglected for our ministry or end up hating church life. Stanley, once again, writes in a lucid and pastoral tone that will help most families navigate the tensions of balancing work and family.