Good Spiritual Growth Primer

Scott Cheatham

4 Stars

October 29, 2012

Edwards writes from a heart of wanting...He wants to have that vibrant spiritual life in his walk with Christ. However, like many today who feel less than worthy, his contemplative time seems lacking. This book is directed at the person who wants to strengthen their relationship with Christ but who might be otherwise distracted by all the "noise" around them in their day-to-day lives. In a series of short, transparent chapters divided into six sections Edwards breaks down his own struggles and gives some answers to incorporate into the reader's life that may help in their own time of communion with God. The author brings to light his own struggle in the first few chapters before turning a corner by sharing a significant prayer time that caused him to reconsider. From there, the journey begins and the book's middle chapters open up the discoveries in Edwards' own life. While not providing a formulaic response (thank goodness), the author does give caveats to the suggestions he makes before ending the book with a few closing words and a suggested study guide for incorporating the main ideas of the text.

Overall, a good book for someone learning to grow in their spiritual life. I'd recommend it to new believers and those struggling to deepen their faith walk with Jesus Christ. [4 out of 5 stars]