Perfectly encouraging and non-judgemental

Camille Millar

4 Stars

October 28, 2012

I thought it was perfectly informative, humorous, pleasant, and non-judgmental, as the author classifies herself as a SWC (strong-willed child), with a SWC son of her own. I could see myself and my son in many of her stories. I think this book can be helpful to parents of strong-willed children of all ages, as it discusses how to help the toddler, school-age, and teenage child. I appreciate that it wasn’t a “How to fix your problem child” book, but rather a “How to bring out the best in your amazingly passionate child”

Most helpful of all, I feel empowered with a new sense of how to talk to strong willed children—which questions to ask, how to direct instead of force, and what phrases to avoid, as now I understand that he still needs to have some control and choice in all matters.

Instead of seeing my boy as my exhausting challenge, I see him as a great force that is capable of things that others aren’t, as in “the very traits and characteristics that get the SWC in trouble are the ones that could potentially change the world” (p. 97).

I think this book is a great resource and a great parenting tool for new parents, and even experienced ones. I will be recommending it friends of mine also looking for help in raising their own little “rockets”.