What Should Matter Most To Christians

Liz Terek

5 Stars

October 13, 2012

Right relationships make all the difference in our lives. This is the focal point of ‘What Matters Most’. Not just relationships with other folks, but, the relationship we have with our Creator. Trimtab simplicity is a concept the author introduces. It’s a new one for me, but, the idea of focusing on this steering mechanism is quite an interesting principle. Illustrations & quotations effectively make a case for it & I’m amazed it’s not been addressed before. Tackling the topics of Christians turning others off of Christianity can’t be a popular one. Leonard Sweet doesn’t shy away from it, but instead, shows us how it's happening. Eloquently, he reasons that we’ve put regulations above people. Jesus’ ministry was people based. Pick any New Testament Book & you’ll see that clearly. Abraham & Isaac and God the Father & God the Son are the two father-son stories explored. Two very prominent & powerful stories, for sure. Different variations of Reformation or reformed theology are also examined. Has Christian motivation fallen so low that other religions are much more motivated than we are? Faith is also a pertinent message in our book. A great deal of depth including theological exploration is included. Object-based churches versus relation-based churches along with their differences are addressed. Pastors & church leaders would be wise to heed these notes. There are certainly some startling statistics given. Especially surprising were certain groups who consider themselves believers in Christ! Eye-opening may well have been included in the title. ‘What Matters Most’ are relationships. Comparisons used are brilliant. The basis-relationships- is so simple yet we overlook it. But, aren’t we so like that! Missing the obvious is such a human trait. Mr. Sweet penned a very timely piece. How are Christians to point folks heavenward if we push them away from us? I appreciate any author willing to step outside what is popular & state what is foundational. Loving people has become a lost art. If the Christian non-fiction that you’re looking for is hard-hitting & based on God’s principles, then this one is right up your alley. Good doctrine & good Christian practices give us a 5 of 5 stars book.