Surprisingly sweet read!

Bernie Kawazoe

4 Stars

October 12, 2012

I have to admit, I wasn't overly excited about reading this book, at first. Initially, it took me a while to get to know the characters and be pulled into the novel. Once I began reading, I was immediately pulled in and wanted to know more and more about the characters.

In Finding Our Way Home, we meet Sasha Davis a former ballerina that has had a terrible fall. The fall is so pronounced that it has left her unable to dance again. In the aftermath of the fall, Sasha becomes bitter and angry and she returns to her childhood home to "recover", cutting off friends and even her own husband.

Reluctantly, she hires Evelyn, a young happy go lucky girl, to care for her and tend to her needs. Ironically, in all the ways that Sasha is a petite, quiet, ballerina, Evelyn is a boisterous, large, out-spoken girl. And it is the words that slip out of Evelyn's mouth, along with her kind heart, that eventually bring about nuggets of change in Sasha.

Two very different people are brought together by God and learn what it means to walk alongside a friend. Together they learn what forgiveness and grace mean lived out.

It was a tender story that was surprisingly sweet to read. You can go to this link to download the first chapter!