Recommend this as a great aid

Lisa Burgess

5 Stars

October 8, 2012

If you’re like me, you have some awesome times of private worship to God, but you also have your fair share of ho-hum moments when you feel too tired or frustrated or rushed to put much energy into intentional, personal times of worship.

Here’s a thirty-one day devotional by Jerry Bridges I can heartily recommend as an aid for all of us: I Exalt You, O God: Encountering His Greatness in Your Private Worship.

In thirty-one short but meaningful chapters (days), Bridges offers a framework for you to learn more about one of these four attributes of God:

his greatness his holiness his wisdom his love

He begins each day with a more specific breakdown of one of the attributes by retelling a Bible story or providing a personal example, then moves into a simple prayer, followed with a short series of verses rewritten in the first person for you to respond to God directly. (continued) . . .