An Overview of Greater by Steven Furtick

Mike Douglas

3.5 Stars

October 4, 2012

Greater - Steven Furtick

Have you ever felt like you were falling short of the life God has called you to live? Have you ever felt like you could or should be doing more for His kingdom and His glory? Have you ever felt as though you were stuck in a spiritual rut?

Most of us have had these feelings at some point in our lives. God is so big and we are so small. We often want to be used by Him to do great things but we do not even know where to begin.

In Greater, Pastor Steven Furtick seeks to guide us down the path to living a greater life for God. He uses the life of Elisha to provide readers with an example of what the greater life looks like (a little different than what you might expect) and how to get there. While on the surface this may appear to be another self-help book, it is not. Greater is about doing more for God, not for you.

Here is the gist of each chapter in three quotes...

Chapter 1 - “Steve and Me”

“Jesus isn’t calling us to be greater than He is. He is calling us to be greater with Him through His Spirit with us.”

“Most believers aren’t in imminent danger of ruining their lives. They’re facing a danger that’s far greater: wasting them.”

“God will empower you with the confidence to know that nothing is impossible with Him, the clarity to take the next step He’s calling you to take, and the courage to do anything He tells you to do.”

Chapter 2 - “Lesser Loser Life”

“I find over and over again that the greatest enemy of the greater life God has for me”

“Nobody does greater things for God because they’ve got it all together. And nobody is disqualified because they don’t.”

“Obedience to God’s voice is the only definitive path to greater.”

Chapter 3 - “Dragging Behind”

“Routine is a vital and biblical component of our relationship with God. It’s also the key to maintaining a marriage, holding down a job, staying in shape, and achieving other desirable goals. That’s not the kind of repetition we need to be rescued from - it’s the kind of discipline we should embrace.”

“God is often working behind the scenes of your life, orchestrating His destiny for you. Even though you don’t have a clue what He’s up to.”

“If you will position yourself in God-focused places and around God-focused people, you’ll learn to hear God in greater ways over time.”

Chapter 4 - “Burn The Plows”

“You can’t step into your new life until you first set fire to whatever is tethering you to your old life. Before you can go forward into the life God has for you, you have to offer Him every part of the life you already have.”

His greatest ambition in leading you into greater things isn’t that you would know what to do. It’s that you would know who He is.”

“Some people will never get greater because they are not willing to leave good behind. There is a cost to pay. Whether it is giving up something from your past or relinquishing control of your future, you will have to make a sacrifice.”

Chapter 5 - “Digging Ditches”

“There are two major reasons why well-intentioned people like us get stuck after we burn our plows. One, we don’t think big enough. Two, we don’t start small enough.”

“Faith doesn’t come full circle through lofty thoughts but through simple steps.”

“It’s as if God says, “If you really believe I’m going to do what I told you I would do, get busy. Show me your faith, then I’ll show you my faithfulness.”

Chapter 6 - “A Little Oil”

“Greater things are possible for you - right in the place where God has positioned you. Even if you don’t feel very comfortable or qualified to be there.”

“We spend all our time dreaming about where we wish we were and what we wish we had and no time investing in where we are and using what we have.”

“Your greatest limitation is God’s greatest opportunity.”

Chapter 7 - “Wasted Faith”

“Our questions and doubts can actually serve as some of God’s greatest tools to strengthen our stakes and increase our faith.”

“The faith of all the saints through the ages is not enough to eliminate the reality of suffering. Because suffering is not a detour on the road to greater. It’s a landmark.”

“When we pray in faith for something and it doesn’t happen, we naturally tend to believe our faith was wasted.”

Chapter 8 - “Trust Fund Baby”

“Even if I never connect the dots between what I ask for and what God gives, why should that stop me from believing He is at work in the circumstances of my life with only my best in mind.”

“God is working on our behalf even when our prayers don’t seem to be working at all.”

“Every dead area of you life is under further review when you send it upstairs, to the God who has a higher vantage point and sees your situation from angles you can’t access.”

Chapter 9 - “Saving Captain Awesomesauce”

“Pride is the hidden cancer that gnaws at your insides. And it’s hiddenness is exactly what makes it so lethal.”

“We never realize how great we’re not until we’re sized up against something infinitely greater.”

“The purpose of the greater life isn’t to bring attention to yourself. It’s to bring glory to the One who will always be greater.”

Chapter 10 - “Where Did It Fall?”

“Greater isn’t an automatic permanent position; it’s an intentional daily decision.”

“God isn’t present only for my epic showdowns and life-altering crises. He’s also superintending my everyday struggles.”

“The next time you sense yourself getting spiritually dull, don’t try to regain your momentum my doubling down on your self effort. Instead, go to God.”

Chapter 11 - “Open My Eyes”

“At the same time you are determining to ignite God’s vision for your life, an enemy is conspiring to kill it before it sees the light of day.”

“Nothing you can do is more loving for those around you than positioning yourself to be all that God has called you to be.”

“What matters most is not what I think I am or am not. What matters is what my Father sees in me and what He says about me.”

Chapter 12 - “Strike the Water”

“Bound up in God’s Word is the impartation you need to leave your life of good enough behind and step into the greater life God has had in mind for you all along.”

“See the impossible become possible. Bear witness to a work of God in you that will leave the world breathless.”

“Whenever you do what God has called you to do - in any situation, in any given moment - He will do something greater.”