God is more than enough

Joe Gnatek

2.5 Stars

September 24, 2012

I just got done reading Tony Evan’s book “God is more than enough.” It is a little book that takes you verse by verse devotionally through Psalm 23. Tony shares his thoughts and down home stories about how God wants to work in our lives through this Psalm. God wants to meet our needs, spiritually, directionally, emotionally, physically and eternally.

I liked his thought on “The Lord is my Shepherd.” He said, “When God says, ‘I Am that I Am,” He’s saying, ‘I am always in the present tense.’ Everything for God is now. God has never experienced a yesterday. Nor does He have a tomorrow, So God never has to use the words I hope…”

When sharing on the verse, “He restores my soul”, Evans says “God wants to give you back your soul. Your soul is who you are, your personhood, your identity…The soul is you. And when you become confused with who you are, and you lose your sense of well being, your sense of purpose, your sense of direction, your sense of hope – then your soul needs restoring.”

Another thought Tony shared, with which I agree with, is when people try to determine what God wants them to do with their lives. He said, “Most people seek to determine God’s leading only from their circumstances. But our circumstances never determine the leading of God; they only confirm God’s leading.”

“God is more than enough” is an easy read, devotional type of book on Psalm 23. I recommend it for those who may be in a dry place with their walk with the Lord and need something different for a pick me up kind of read.