Cast aside your ordinary life and live a Greater one

Michele Starkey

5 Stars

September 19, 2012

Steven Furtick encourages all of us to dream bigger in his latest book, Greater. Furtick knows all about igniting God’s Greater vision for your life. He is the Pastor of Elevation Church in North Carolina that has been dubbed one of the fastest growing churches in America and frequently receives more than 10,000 in attendance each week that meet at seven locations. Seven years ago, Elevation Church didn’t even exist. Imagine how differently so many lives would be and how many souls would still be separated from God if Furtick didn’t step out in faith and dream big. Dream greater. The book, Greater, takes all of us through the necessary and often small steps of faith required for God to entrust you with His greater vision for your life. If you are stuck in the opening ceremonies of your own life, Greater shows you how to enter the Olympic Games of Life simply by being willing to carry the Torch. All eyes are on the Torch bearer to light the flame that signals the start of the games. You may never win an Olympic Gold Medal but maybe God has a greater vision in store for you. Maybe it is time to cast aside your ordinary life and live a life that is Greater and within your grasp if you only reach out for it. I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review however the opinions reflected here are my own.