Wonderful Read

Joy Hannabass

5 Stars

September 18, 2012


Since I was among the group to choose the cover of “The Girl In The Glass” I’ve been waiting to read the book. And yes the cover I choose is this cover, and it goes well with the story, not to mention how beautiful this book is to look at! And not only do I love the cover, I love what it written on the pages between this cover. Susan Meissner created unique characters that are realistic and interesting, keeping the story moving and keeping my attention. I was hooked from the first pages and didn’t want to put the book down until the end.

Meg was finally getting her dream since childhood, a trip to Florence Italy, and the place captured in the picture from her grandmothers. Things didn’t go as expected for Meg, but God had another plan for her. Susan Meissner writes a wonderful story as she weaves the lifes of Meg, Nora and Sophia in the beautiful setting of Florence, Italy. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy this read, but I enjoyed getting to know Florence, Italy, the sights and sounds and the ways of life that the author so vividly detailed throughout the book.

I highly recommend this book for your reading enjoyment. Susan Meissner is a wonderful gifted writer. You will not be disappointed in her new book.