Stefanie C

3 Stars

September 12, 2012

As I dove into The Gospel of Yes by Mike Glenn, I was intrigued by the book description, but cautious of the title. I didn't want to find myself engulfed in a “Prosperity Gospel” presentation (thankfully I didn't) so I began my reading with skepticism. The Gospel of Yes addresses our view of God and how our view, affects our entire life. It's hard to write a summary for this book because it covered so much—it was an overview of the Gospel and the Christian life with a focus on our relationship with God. My caveat here being that I was not reading with extra-sensitive theological lenses—I found the book to be solid, but was not approaching my reading to dissect the ins and outs of God's “yeses” and “nos” in the Bible. That aside, the concepts were not new to me, but as I've seen often over the last couple of years, my view of God and what I believe about him could use some serious tweaking.

As I read, I felt hope. I'm coming off the roughest three years of my life. I feel battle-worn and tired. I need healing, I need to forgive others and myself, I need to feel valuable. Over and over again, the author emphasized God's presence, purpose, healing, promise, redemption, and ultimate heart for each of us. He also emphasizes that “we are a mess” and that “failure is part of the journey”--and God still says yes over and over again.

“Our confidence and hope are not based on having the courage to do the right thing; they are based on God and his character. If we had to depend on our own courage to always do the right thing, we'd fall into despair. No one is that consistent or dependable. But God is always strong and good, and he will not be defeated in his redemptive work. Ever.”

The chapters addressing our own God-given uniqueness especially resonated with me. God says “Yes” to being. His yes for me is revealed in my gifts, talents, personality...every detail of me. “Our world demands standardization”...God doesn't. I am significant. We constantly compare and fight against the feeling that we are not enough. We battle expectations from secular culture and American Christian culture more than we think. It's so wearying and draining. But God knows every detail of our crazy chaotic lives and says yes. Amazing. Encouraging.