You were Born for This

Dawn Mattox

4 Stars

September 1, 2012

Bruce Wilkinson's anointed book, The Dream Giver, set me free from an Ordinary life to internalized the truth that I am indeed, born to be a Somebody and Do Great Things. In a continuity of his message, I was born to inspire others so God can bless me. We are called to step out of the Prayer Closet, roll up our spiritual sleeves and do God's work on earth. The world would call coincidence, but within days of reading and applying the principals of master-writer Bruce Wilkinson, I experienced my first angelic visit in a dream, unlike any other. The result was so profound, I find myself daily in His Grip. Not an over generous person by nature, I have stepped up to the next level been able to meet the needs of others and am reaping a harvest of answered prayer.