Great Reminder of Life's Ultimate Goal

Chad Feight

4.5 Stars

August 27, 2012

I picked up "Simply Jesus" by Joe Stowell and really needed to hear what he wrote.

"Simply Jesus" is a book about getting to the core of our faith (yes, he speaks mostly to Christians). That core is to make Jesus our ultimate pursuit. Stowell says we can't pursue what we want and pursue Jesus at the same time - we have to make a choice.

Reading the first chapter, I began to become cynical and think to myself that this is simply a book for new Christians about the basics of Christianity.

Well, I partially right. It is about the basics, but it's not just for new believers. I have known Jesus for about 20 years now and this message was for me. I needed to be reminded of why I ultimately read my Bible, why I seek to tell others about Him, and why I pray. That may sound simple and obvious, but for some reason the words of this book resonated with me in these areas unlike most other books I've read recently.

This book is not some great manifesto nor is it intended to be. This book seems to be Stowells attempt at challenging Christians to examine their hearts and look to Jesus...and only Jesus. This is great for believers, non-believers, pastors, and anything in between.

With all of this in mind, I highly recommend "Simply Jesus."

Please note that I received this e-book for free in exchange for this unbiased review (trust me, if you read my other reviews, you'll know they are unbiased).