A Sudden Glory, Book Review

Robert Vince Jr

3 Stars

August 24, 2012

Could it be that we have made our relationship with God far too difficult? This is the question that Sharon Jaynes asks in her book, A Sudden Glory. Then she goes on to explain how to satisfy our, “Glory Ache” within its pages.

Jaynes goes on to say that we are asking the wrong question, “Rather than ask God what he wants from us, we need to ask Him what He wants for us.” (Sudden Glory pg.9) That answer is easy He wants a personal relationship with us. Throughout this book she answers these and other questions about our walk with God and how we need to be still for a time in order to hear His voice.

At the end of this book she installs a Bible study program that takes you deeper into the contents of this book. These ten lessons will take you on your own personal trip for a one on one with God. Sharon Jaynes offers her website, www.sharonjaynes.com, for you to share your own sudden glory. Outside of being an author Sharon is also the cofounder of Girlfriends in God, a nondenominational conference and online ministry, www.GirlfriendsInGod.com.